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One month into Year 2020, and Lunar New Year is here, it's time to redefine structure and reconstruct ourselves. We had gone through a bumpy year in 2019, it is the end of a decade and we've all been shedding the old collectively, until now. In January, the beginning of the year, we set out intentions for what we want to be or what we wish to achieve; reflect and let go so we can progress - be the change you are! Trust yourself and ignite your inner flame.

Heavens Please is almost one year old, it seemed like a long way we've came since introducing CBD to Hong Kong but there's so much more we want to do in the coming year. We've learnt that CBD helps us remain balance internally, it is also extremely powerful when used topically. This year, we will focus on ways to bridge you with the multiple facets of CBD and integrating it into your daily structure.

Refresh yourself in the new year.


Heavens Please 開業將近一年,雖然這條路途遙遠漫長,但我們仍會繼續努力,將優質的CBD源源不絕帶給大家。我們知道CBD 能夠外敷內服,除了幫助身心健康達致平衡,對於皮膚健康也相當顯著。在這一年,我們會將CBD多元化地呈現,帶入你的生活循環。