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Annular Solar Eclipse : Summer Solstice


On this day we step into the next half of year 2020, and a new season. The sun has reached its highest point in the sky and the day is at its longest. When the moon overcast it’s shadow over the sun, darkness temporarily covers the bright light, meaning at this period we will turn to our subconscious instead of focusing on our ego generated self. With the moon being a dark moon, it signifies an end of a cycle and time of chaos yet with the most potential.


The sun and the moon enters Cancer at 0 degrees, which is the beginning of a new cycle, that will bring out strong currents of emotion such as issues around pain and empathy. When approached with consciousness, we can go through this period of intense purification to confront the past and make room for new structures.


Eclipses are pattern setting times.


This solar eclipse’s ring of fire spreads through central Africa, India, Nepal, Tibet, Sichuan and Taiwan. The effects of the eclipse is most prominent in these regions, therefore major changes in political structures and leadership are going to happen. There will also be chances of rainstorms and floods.


The effects will last for about two years, while major planets are lining up for retrogrades, global economy will be severly impacted.


This is also the last day of Saga Dawa, a sacred day according to the traditional Tibetan calendar that is derived from the observations of Astro movements. It was mentioned that on the day of Annular Solar Eclipse, it is a day that is suitable for cultivating practices of the mind and heart.


The month of Saga Dawa is when Buddha made his divine manifestation, achieving enlightenment and nirvana. We should regard difficulties and obstacles as an aid to diligent practice, guidance will often appear in distressed times. Astrology may reveal future patterns, but reality is always a learning process no matter what the situation becomes.