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Heavens Please Anniversay : Hong Kong x Taiwan CBD Strategic Partnership


Heavens Please is one year old today! We feel very lucky to be able to share such a versatile plant with you all💚 We wish to continue to bring you wisdom and healing through plants, especially with hemp and cannabis - a plant that can “Feed You, House You, Clothe You and Heal You”. Embrace a holistic way of life, and bring you closer to heaven.


On this special day, we are delighted to announce the partnership of Heavens Please and Machiyami. Proud of their attention to quality, Machiyami provides the highest quality CBD products that fully complies to Asian regulations, they are your trusted source for hemp and CBD products for your wellbeing.

We are glad to meet team Machiyami on this journey, a group of authentic people who share the same values and vision as we do - to spread love, and share what Mother Nature provides for a better future 


About the founder

Dr. 420 - Bob Chien

Green Entrepreneur

Founded Marigen Inc. in 2019, the first Taiwanese Cannabis startup, also a hemp-based CBD marketplace that aims to satisfy user needs.

His blog is a sea of information on the latest news on the cannabis industry (in Chinese only).



Our mission is to share the joy of using hemp, and satisfying everyone’s needs of hemp-based CBD. Established in San Francisco, Machiyami is a small step towards bringing hemp to the Asia Pacific region, we are fortunate enough to work with Asian pioneers in the cannabis industry and created this marketplace.

Machiyami is based in San Francisco, USA. Our team includes professionals in various fields - health practitioners, lawyer and Dr. from both Taiwan and US, who have benefitted from hemp. We aim to provide the best quality products at an affordable price to all.

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Heavens Please 步入一週年了,很高興在這段時間中獲得大家的支持和肯定,我們希望在未來的日子能夠再進一步實踐我們的目標,將整全身心靈健康生活概念帶入現代社會,拉近人與天堂之間距離🌈



在這個特別的日子,我們很榮幸正式與亞洲最優質的CBD 跨境電商平台麻吉亞米成為夥伴,在這條崎嶇的路途上,能遇上秉持着同一理念的同伴是我們的福氣,希望日後能夠繼續努力,與大家分享大麻植物的知識,傳播祂神奇的療癒能力🌟





包博- Dr. 420


2019年,與共同創辦人一起成立了Marigen Inc. 一個基於用戶需求的大數據420產品平台,第一家台灣人創立的大麻產業的科技新創公司。







拜訪 Machiyami