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Surviving The Sick World

The outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus has further escalated the panic in the city and around the globe. With fears circulating around the COVID-19 pandemic, we can only do so much to save ourselves when public healthcare cannot be relied on.

Keeping our immune system healthy is the most vital. As long as our defense mechanism stays in balance, there will be a lower chance of getting infected.

We should avoid excessive social activities while there is still a threat of community outbreak. Although we may be spending significantly more time at home, we should remember to exercise daily and maintain our mental wellbeing - these are all part of the daily ritual. Other than that, sanitizing often is also another important step to take for prevention.

From last year’s social unrest to the recent worldwide pandemic, we face big challenges and unavoidably, feelings of worry and anxiety may arise. The world is literally burning. Life goes on, and we are living beings who need to continue with our daily lives, stress accumulates and we need to find ways to release them. By taking a few minutes in the morning or before bed to calm your mind, perhaps a short breathing exercise or meditation will help keep the mind healthy.

A continuous use of CBD as a daily supplement is another natural way to keep your immune system in balance. It can help reset your mood and has strong anti-inflammatory effects. Cannabinoids such as CBD derived from cannabis or hemp has a wide array of therapeutic and medicinal uses. A US cannabis biopharmaceutical company has recently announced their proprietary CBD extract may be a treatment to coronavirus symptoms*. Although there are currently no known recovered cases cured by cannabis or cannabinoids, they still have a strong medical potential none the less.

We do not recommend self medicating any serious illnesses with CBD or cannabis, as there is no solid research on exact dosage and treatments, and everyone reacts differently to plants depending on your metabolism. You should discuss with your healthcare practitioner prior to medicating and if you are concerned with any symptoms, you can email us for recommendations of naturopathic practitioners who are familiar with using cannabinoids as treatments.







* CBD萃取物能夠有效治療冠狀病毒對身體帶來的症狀之參考網址
* KALY- Kali-Extracts Proprietary CBD Extract Could Offer Coronavirus Relief