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The Dragon Boat Festival :Double Fifth Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Double Fifth Festival, is now known as a day to commemorate the Archpoet Qu Yuan. Customs include dragon boat racing and eating zongzi (sticky rice dumpling), which are traditionally associated with dragon worship. The ancient people of the Kingdom of Wu believed they are the descendants of the Dragon, through sympathetic magic, they perform fertility rites and make offerings to the dragons and ancestors for abundance.


The fifth day of the fifth moon is believed to be the most poisonous day, as the height of summer approaches, pests and pestilence threaten the wellbeing of people and crops. People will bath with, or decorate their doors with calamus and mugwort leaves to drive evil spirits and diseases away.


Medicinal men will harvest and make medicine on this day as they believe herbs collected in this season are the most potent, and will cure all diseases.


There is an increase recently with new COVID-19 cases, a second wave may or may not be coming but still we need to take precautions and learn from our ancestors. Diseases and poisonous insects will be germinating, we should disinfect frequently and make use of plants and herbal medicines to cleanse and to heal ourselves.