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No 2° Blend | Organic Oolong Tea
No 2° Blend | Organic Oolong Tea
No 2° Blend | Organic Oolong Tea

No 2° Blend | Organic Oolong Tea

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A full-bodied blend with honeyed overtones and a round, savory finish. Relaxing and revitalizing. Ideal for daytime.

With fragrant overtones and a full-bodied feel, the No 2 ̊ CBD Blend is perfect for the start of your day, or any moment after.

Cultivated in the Wuyi Mountains in the northern Fujian province of China—the premiere site of oolong production, and its place of origin—our organic oolong tea is developed through a considered process that honors the legacy of its source.

Featuring only the finest full-spectrum CBD extracts from established growers, each batch of the No 2 ̊ CBD Blend is handcrafted and triple lab-tested to ensure a matchless experience in every cup.

5 Sachets | 15mg CBD per Sachet

Warm  Fragrant  Soothing


  • Boil water for 1 to 2 minutes. Pour 6 to 8 ounces of water over one tea sachet. Stir, then let steep for 4 minutes.

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