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Hemp Oil or CBD Oil?

Hemp oil, hemp extract, hemp seed oil, cannabis extract, whole plant extract, what are all these? Are they the same with CBD oil? This chart below will help explain the differences to you. No more confusions when reading product labels! :)


Hemp Oil

most commonly referred to HEMP SEED OIL

*may be labelled as Cannabis Sativa (hemp) seed oil

  • extracted from hemp seed
  • DOES NOT contain CBD
  • high nutritious value
  • high in anti-oxidants, amino acids, omega-3 and omega
  • 6 fatty acids, Vitamin E (great for skin and hair)
  • most commonly used in food and cosmetics/ skincare products
  • can be easily absorbed into skin

*other names can be Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabis Extract, Hemp Extract, Hemp CBD Oil

  • extracted from the whole plant (flower, leaves, seed and stalk)
  • contains high concentration of CBD
  • high therapeutic value
  • wide range of benefits including combating sleep & mood disorders, inflammation, chronic pain and addiction problems
  • most commonly used in dietary supplements, food, beverages and cosmetics/ skincare products
  • needs a carrier oil in order to administer use
  • usually comes with a 3rd party lab test result to show concentrations of cannabinoids and if any pesticides or contaminants like heavy metal contents