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Aroamer Mixed Tea Set

Aroamer Mixed Tea Set

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Green Tea with Dandelion and Osmanthus

Green tea is one of the best choices in Spring. It has not gone through any fermentation process, which retains most of the volatile organic compounds and antioxidants to protect us from free radical damage, and release body toxins. 

Black Tea with Lemon and Ginger

Black tea is another option that can regulate our metabolism, to achieve equilibrium. Lemon and ginger, on the other hand, is uplifting and can dispel dampness, to help combat Springtime lethargy.

Wuyi Rock Tea - Ban Tian Yao

This rock tea from the Wuyi Mountain is mild to the body, with a refreshing aroma, rich flavour and a sweet aftertaste. A sip would soothe the heart and the mind.

Tea as medicine - these can be enjoyed anytime of the day, to uplift your spirit, or to provide clarity of mind. Teas are drunk as a preventative, and can bring loads of health benefits to help you adapt to weather and mood changes. A good alternative to coffee but also brings you peace of mind.

Mixed Tea Bags x 6







茶性溫和,香氣清淳,滋味濃厚,而且回甘潤喉,飲上一口讓人療癒舒心 。


混合茶包 x 6